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Established in 1984, All Automotive has been serving the needs of our customers in Michigan and Northern Indiana with two simple words - integrity and trust. We rely on our steadfast adherence to a strict moral code that provides confidence in the performance of the products we distribute, and the methods by which they are provided and supported. It is our obligation to earn this trust by our actions and the performance of our products, not our words.

MohawkThis philosophy is demonstrated thousands of times a day when owners of our benchmark line of lifting products, Mohawk Lifts, raise and lower their vehicles in various repair facilities across the region. The basic engineering of all above ground hydraulic lifts is derived from the common forklift. Over 25 years ago Mohawk took the forklift proven “rolled steel C-shaped channel column” concept, implemented 3/4” thick steel columns into a line of two-post vehicle lifts, and stood behind this concept by resisting the market push to less expensive bent or formed sheet metal columns. After over 100 years, forklifts still do not use sheet metal posts, nor does the heavy duty line of Mohawk two-post lifts. Some say these lifts are “overbuilt”, Mohawk accepts this compliment.

In addition to U.S. made Mohawk heavy duty lifting products, All Automotive distributes an economy line of lifting products, vehicle service machinery, and other shop service equipment. We hold the manufacturers of the products we distribute to a high level of performance and accountability. We hold ourselves responsible for the service and support of these products, seeking to earn the confidence and trust that can only be obtained by a satisfying experience when acquiring vehicle service equipment from All Automotive.

In 2005, All Automotive acquired Grand Valley Hydraulics, an experienced hydraulic repair company serving customers for over 25 years. Not only does Grand Valley provide efficient, accurate maintenance and repairs for vehicle lifts, floor jacks, transmission jacks, pumps, and other shop equipment; Grand Valley also provides general and warranty repairs for products manufactured by Greenlee, Sunex, Associated Battery, TK Simplex and Clore Automotive – to name a few.

Currently, we are in the initial stages of creating a web site that is intended to provide a large amount of descriptive information regarding the products we distribute and service. This will be an ongoing process, so we ask that you stop by from time to time to see what has been added and any feedback that you may have would be greatly appreciated. Our mission is to continuously improve not only this web site, but also to continuously improve the way we represent ourselves and the products we distribute; not to mention how these products perform and the service and support we provide.

Thank You,
Bryan Montgomery

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